Business Development and Advisory Services

The business development and advisory service was set up by Reliance to equip its target customers with the business, financial and technical skills necessary to grow their businesses.

The aims of the BDAS include

  • Training entrepreneurs on fundamental business skills.
  • Building capacity to allow and encourage more people to become entrepreneurs.
  • Equipping individuals with the business skills necessary to gain a better understanding of the financial aspects of their businesses which in turn will result in greater bargaining power towards their suppliers and enable them to increase their profit margins.
  • Giving entrepreneurs, a greater understanding of their business, enabling them to identify and concentrate on aspects which are the most profitable and least profitable.

The BDAS also has an agric component which aims to

  • Equip the rural folk especially those engaged in farming on financial literacy programs which will help them better manage their businesses.
  • It also provides them with the much needed technical skills and competencies required to take their businesses to the next level. This is done in collaboration with our implementing partners Concern Universal.
  • It will also help them gain relevant knowledge about contemporary practices and methodologies in the areas in which they operate in.