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Our Organisation Structure

Reliance operates in 22 locations around the country with over 130 employees across all regions, with opportunities to match. We are readily available to help our customers by providing them with products and services to meet their savings and borrowing needs. Our support for small and medium size enterprises through specialist advice and provision of relevant products and services whether they are looking to grow or just starting up their businesses is second to none in the country.

Our Culture

Reliance Financial Services aspires to change lives through delivering value added products and unrivalled services to our customers. This thirst to transform lives is what inspires us to seek motivated individuals who share the same desire and vision. Achieving this goal is directly related to our ability to create and empower a workforce whose experience, knowledge, talents and unique skills contribute to improving the quality of life in the Gambia.

How We live our Values

At Reliance Financial services, diversity is a core part of our culture which is evident in the gender, culture, education and experience of our workforce. We strive to hire the best from across the country in order deliver on the Reliance Promise of meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Our employees work with individuals and groups from across the country helping them in various ways to improve their economic status. Reliance Financial Services is a learning institution that offers a variety of roles in our different departments that is suited to your goals and background.

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