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Who we are

Who we are


Reliance Financial Services Company Limited (Reliance) is a non-bank financial institution, founded by three young Gambian professionals with vast experiences in the financial services sector. The company is founded on the principles of professionalism, socio business ethics, integrity and transparency to all stakeholders and strongly upholds the values of good corporate governance.

The Institution was granted a full licence on 11th December 2006, to operate as a Non-Bank Financial Institution under Section 41 of The Central Bank of The Gambia Act No.14 of 2005. This allows us to undertake non-bank financial intermediation by raising deposits and advancing loans from/to the public. We formally opened our doors to the general public on 19th December 2006 and was officially launched by H.E The Vice President of The Gambia, Mrs Isatou Njie

Reliance's main objective is to provide financial services products and services to the average Gambian especially those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Our target clients include the woman selling vegitables in the market, the farmer, the fisherman, the cement retailer, the masoner, the tailor, the taxi driver, the immigrant?. The list goes on and on.

Reliance retains a passionate commitment to positively change the lives of its clientele through a business model that is anchored on accessibility, convenience and flexibility. These basic fundamentals have supported our evolution to become the Gambian Finance House with a growing footprint nationwide. We exist to change the lives of our people socially and economically in order to maximise their potentials and be in a position to contribute their quota to national development.

We are the only financial institution in The Gambia, owned by Gambians, with a 100% Gambian workforce working for the development of The Gambian people!

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