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Opportunities at Reliance

Opportunities at Reliance

Working at Reliance

Find out what our people do to support customers, clients and colleagues

Financial Controls and Risk Management

This team is responsible for the implementation of the overall risk management policies of the Company and ensuring compliance with the Laws, Regulatory and Supervisory requirements of the country

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Responsible for financial reporting and forecasting, our Finance team monitors Reliance's budgets; ensuring stakeholders within the business have accurate information.

Operations - the engine of reliance

This is the engine of Reliance and this team is responsible for the efficient management of the branches including account opening, deposit mobilization, credit processing and the general service delivery of our other products and services

Business Growth and Development

This department is the strategic arm of the business and the team looks at product development, marketing, promotion, treasury management and also has responsibility of the company’s investment portfolio

HR, Development and Admin

From recruitment to retention, skills development and talent management, Our HR team supports over 130 employees in 22 locations.

Our IT & Technology Platform

The IT Team is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Company’s IT Platform

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